12 of the best VST plug-ins for producing music

12 of the best VST plug-ins for producing music

Virtual Studio Technology is taking over and home producing is becoming a cheaper option for many artists as well as allowing them to create on their own schedule and not restricted to studio time. It is an ever expanding new wave transforming the sound of music. Here are 12 of some of the best VST plug-ins for producing music.


·       TAL-Bassline-101

The TAL-Bassline-101is a monophonic base synthesiser that creates authentic analogue sounds. It is designed to be used with very extreme settings. The bass line generates all wave forms in real time. It has zero feedback delay, a powerful step sequencer, Original (RC) and linear mode and more than 300 pre-sets.

·       Decimort

Decimort adds a vintage, hip hop flavour to your sounds. It has analogue filters with adjustable resonance and two independent processing paths in stereo mode as well as a MIDI learn function.

·       SSi Pro Compresser

This is a high quality processing unit. With good sound engine, very low CPU usage, and an excellent GUI design. It contains presets to get you started. It is compatible with a variety of hosts such as Alberton live, FL Studio and Energy XT.

·       Octagon

Octagon is a creative and fun spectral effect that can do reverse time delays and create complex rhythms. It has 8 tempo-synchronised delay lines and 8 resonant band filters. It has an easy to use interface with colour coding features.

·       Multi Drive Pedal

For a genuine rock sound and a selection of 8 of the most famous drive pedals, Multi Drive Pedal is the ultimate in rock sound for your personal studio. With a selection of Overdrive, Super drive, Metal tone, Treble boost, BAT distortion, XXL distortion and screamer.

·       Beat Machine

Beat Machine is a hip hop plug in for authentic drum sounds. It includes 500 premixed kits and over 1000 drum samples. It has easy stereo for output options and low CPU usage. It has built in flexible pitch and drive controls.

·       Pro EQ

Pro EQ is a high quality analogue processor is modelled on the classic desk EQ of the past. It has 4 bands, high and low pass filters, 29 presets for various instruments and VU meters to monitor input and output signals. It has tube control for subtle to extreme distortions.

·       Mastering Limiter

It is designed to maximise the level of the digital signal and the resolution of your file. It has a high tech algorithm that allows the user capability to precisely control the resolution. It is designed for digital editing, and multimedia. Mastering Limiter is recommended to be used last in the processing chain due to its high standards and precision.

·       Drift

Drift is and audio unit effect plug in for making chaotic modulation on a simple, user friendly, high contrast interface. It has different sound effects to optimise your music sound. Its two dimensional fractal generator allows for variable speed and smoothness.

·       Nebula Space Reverb

Reverb is the most commonly used effect in sound production and for every producer a must have is a selection of reverb effects. It can create environmental sounds as well as drum beats. When partnered with other complex loops an endless number of sound options can be created. It has unique analogue characteristics, GUI with user friendly controls. It has full automation capacity, VU metering and excellent presets.

·       Slicex

Slicex is a new form of slicing your material. Its beat detection algorithms enable it to make them independently playable. It offers time stretching capabilities. It offers recording and playback of slices.

·       Virtual Tape Machine

Recording into metal tape gives a unique and original sound quality. It is the most highly advanced analogue tape sound application in sound producing. It is a digital replication of a tape recording 16 track machine.

There are many more choices, so best is to see you preferences and personalises needs. You want maximum performance without the maximum cost. With all this equipment at your disposal you are bound to create some awesome hip hop beats or rock tracks. There is no limit to what you can achieve. Play, experiment, have fun with all that modern music and VST technology has to offer.