Budget Kids Parties :Article for Mumsmail Magazine

1.Decide on a budget and then stick to it.
 2. Compare costs of locations. The most economical place is your own home or a park. I threw a bike party for my boys at Essenwood Park where I asked each child to bring their own bicycle, and there was plenty of space for them to ride.
3.Keep a small guest list. There is no need to invite the whole class or neighbourhood but rather a few close friends.
 4.Homemade invitations. You don’t need to be hugely artistic, just a basic idea. You can get ideas from library books or even the Internet.
 5.Decorations, paper plates, serviettes etc you can buy from discount stores. Create your own theme. Sometimes you can use things you already have around the house. For my 2 year olds bug party I just painted paper plates to look like bees, butterflies and ladybirds and decorated my garden.
 6.The food. There is always too much food. Something like hot dogs, popcorn and a few sweets. Plus of course, the cake! You can make your own birthday cake or get one from a home industry that you can decorate with a few toys, or smarties.

 7.Party packs. Again, make your own, you can use brown paper bags or plastic bags. Fill them with a couple of things. Decorate with a sticker or even get your child to decorate them.
 8.Games. Plan a couple of fun games. It helps to control the kids and they have fun. A friend of mine planned a whole “quest “, at a knights and princess party, to save the princess. Buy face-paint and get a family member to paint the kids faces
 9.Now, you have everything you need. It’s the day of the party. Try not to be too busy doing things but rather spending time and having fun with your kids.