Business excellence in Automotive Industries

Business excellence in Automotive Industries

The Automotive Industry is booming and changes with the economic climate, therefore investing in the correct areas is critical. Focusing on Development, Training and Fostering of partnership between dealerships to increase sales in the automobile sector in the nation and internationally is the ultimate goal. Its current partnership with government is supporting the industry, making it stronger and ensuring its growth after the recent recession.

·       Customer Commitment

Dealing well with customers is essential to business excellence and growth. Providing sufficient training for staff is then vital. The socio-economic needs of the consumer need to be met. Catering for the financial needs of customers is a necessity in today’s economic climate.  This requires a good purchase price as well as maintenance plans.  Understanding the social needs of the buyer will help you serve them more effectively.

·       Quality Control

Safety is a very important feature in purchasing a vehicle for everyone. It is a huge priority for the automotive industry to ensure the driver’s safety and that of his/her passengers.  Each new vehicle and model need to undergo vigorous testing. Each Car should undergo inspection at each individual dealership to further add to the quality control.  Storage of vehicles is therefore also an important factor to remember for the correct conditions to preserve and protect the cat prior to purchase.

·       Supply and Demand

This is one area that can be overlooked. Cost efficient production and distribution will ensure lower running costs. Supply and demand needs to be maintained at a healthy rate. Over production can decrease profit and overheads will be higher. Underproduction too will cause delays and unhappy customers.

·       Strong Management

Choosing correct management is Key as they will be involved in the day to day running of the business. Hard workers who show initiative and show strengths in being creative in marketing are good choices for this type of industry. Management need to be people friendly and have the ability to control staff. Effective communication between the different infrastructures within the automotive industry is the glue that will hold everything together. For example distribution needs to communicate on an ongoing basis with the dealership and vice versa.

·       Investing in technology

An innovative system in the automotive industry is what is needed for it to strive for business excellence. Technology is the force that drives the automotive industry and must therefore be sought out, invested in and taught.  Investing in new technology and the relevant training surrounding it in the automotive industry will increase its competitive power. Investment must target areas such as new development of technologies that will improve production.  Taking a look a low emission options and environmentally friendly options will further increase the edge of the sector and ensure future success. 

Implementing these key ingredients successfully will ensure a profitable outcome. It will provide increasing employment opportunities. It will ensure safety on the roads and provide safe vehicles for the DSA practical. It will provide enough cars equal to the number of people that are driving on the roads.