Drum programme to create hip hop beats

Drum programme to create hip hop beats

What is the best way to make a beat? It is all about preference but with evolving times there is a plethora of technology available. Choosing a drum software program can help you to be more efficient with your sound mixing as well as give you the added benefits that come with, just the library of sound choices alone in inviting.

BTV Solo

Installation is easy and it can be controlled with a MIDI controller or with your laptop keys. The sound is impeccably clear as well as equalised layers and has cool effects. Each sound can be tuned and the pitch adjusted. Additional effects are also included. You can export your projects in high sound quality.BTV Solo has a user friendly interface. It allows for 16 track sequencing, full control over every pad, kit changing and individual samples. It has low latency and ability to change between kits with fluidity. You can arrange your creations into song mode too. The sound can reach 8 octaves. You can build beats from included samples. It has Autochop for cutting segments and much more.

Beat Machine

Beat machine was specifically designed for hip hop producers with VSTi/AU plugin for MAC or PC offering an authentic and raw Boom Bap /Hip Hop sound. It contains a huge library of hip hop beats to choose from as well as 500 classic drum kits. It includes 100 kit signatures from popular artists. It contains over 1000 drum samples. It has built in analogue style reverberations, flexible pitch and drive controls. With very low CPU usage which is perfect for tablet of laptop. You have options to program manually; use a MIDI or USB controller or a keyboard.


Battery is a bold drum machine software for fast and speedy work with its added new features in the Battery 4 edition. With 143 kits to choose from, this massive library is filled with electronic and urban styles. It boasts being the ultimate studio choice for creative drum beat production. It has a hi-tech but user friendly interface. It contains 70 drum kits that you can drag from a tab and drop into your work space. Sound wrangler gives you 7 sample modes. It has many transient and equalising effects. It features signature sounds from artists such as Zombie Disco Squad and Starkey.

Spark VDM

Spark VDM brings the user 30 drum effects in one drum machine software. It promises to catch the unique sounds of the instruments. It captures the soul of the TR series and the distinct percussion sound of the Roland CR-78. Ideal for live performance the Spark VDM contains an XY pad, slicer, and real time automation. It has 14 effects including compressor, chorus, delay, distortion and various others. Track creation is simple with Sparks Step Sequencer. Its 16 separate audio outputs make it very versatile. It has over a whopping 1300 pre-programmed beats. It has a high sound quality and high resolution sampling. You can tweak your drum sounds in a variety of ways with unending combinations.


Drumlab is drum layering made extremely simple and it offers percussion compounds. It has an intuitive interface that mixes acoustic samples with electric themes. You can make copious amounts of drum beats with a ready mix system and is easy and fast to use. Drum lad partnered with producer Kenny Barto to produce exceptional sound quality. It consists of 80 different electronic layers from classic to modern. It has over 90 unique drum kits and a variety of genres. It features different effects, such as a drum compressor solid EQ and Solid bus comp. It contains a total of 58 different acoustic sound samples.

When purchasing a drum programme first make sure it is compatible with your particular devices and that it suits all your sound mixing requirements. You want something that is efficient and fast, user friendly with all the latest in intuitive software so that you do not have to mess with the bass and synthesiser. It is perfect if you cannot afford studio time but like to mix your own sounds. Every drummer can have their own studio at home and be their own producer. Even a beginner can pick up the software and learn a thing or two.