Essay for the Government Class

Essay for the Government Class

Interdependency is highly important for the public safety sector. For example Hurricane Katrina in 2005 showed the strong interdependencies between the states. Communications and collaboration between the government and private sector are the infrastructure for this to happen. The Public Safety and Homeland security work together to ensure safety for the entire Nation.

The Supreme Courts legitimised the powerful Federal Government in 1937 and its main aim was to provide income to increase social security, aid in building of new roads, as well as providing monetary support to maintain the land and naval forces and arm the militia as well as fund wars. Dual federalism has now taken over where national defence and foreign affairs were solely the business of the Federal Government where as education and family affairs where the business of the State. This gave cause for ‘cooperative federalism’ the each individual state. Each state worked together to achieve an end goal. In the 50’s and 60’s the Federal government provided funding but the States did the building and maintained of the roads.

It may have worked well in the past but there are a few problems with this type of power. With a shortage of funds the federal government impose regulations on the State using their constitutionally given authority. Without the funds these are called ‘Unfunded mandates’ The Unfunded Mandate Act of 1995 ensured that the Federal government is stopped from placing new requirements on states without producing the necessary funding. In 1995 a new problem arose adding to the many constitutional issues between the two powers that be. It had been decided that the national government had abused its authority and by passing a law that prohibited the possession of fire arms near public schools. Starting many questions about the use of power and authority the federal government is given.  There is a ‘Supremacy Clause in the constitution where Federal Law over rides State law if there is a problem. Public funding seems to have slowed down forcing local governments to take initiative and insure basic services are provided. In 2006 in Nevada households contributed more federal taxes than they received.

The Federal Government definitely have the Power of purse but even if one party were to overrule the other, federalism still ensures that the state governments function interdependently. Having 51 different laws for the same thing can bring confusion too and that is where the Federal government’s power can be useful at times.