Karatbars International

Karatbars International

Karatbars International is great E-commerce business that creates wealth for people all around the world.  Founded in 2011, the company sells small gold bars and gift items in gold bullion. It offers an appealing and affordable option for the everyday consumer to purchase pure gold bullion. Karatbars offers the consumer opportunities to own manage and control their Karatbar purchases personally. Karatbars success speaks for itself.

How it works

You can buy you goldcards easily and privately.  Register online ,you will get your own username and password which you just verify though your email. Once you are set up you can log in and control your own purchases. Order by clicking ‘buy gold’ selct you purchase choice and amount and order you Karatbars gold. You will then receive confirmation via email. With credit card payment the number of gold bars is shown in real time. You also have the option of wireless transfer. Once your item has been purchased and received you will see it reflect on your account in ‘backoffice’ Your gold is packaged securely and shipped safely. You will receive a tracking number to follow your delivery.

Why buy Karatbars?

Karatbars gives you the opportunity to protect your wealth in a tangible form. Exchanging into gold is the best insurance for our money. Gold can never be worthless as has been known as the ingot form of payment in many countries and has been around for over 2000 years. Buying gold in smaller units is an affordable way of securing and acquiring wealth. It can be a method of payment or a means of exchange. The Rainmakers team is the leading fastest growing Karatbars International organisation.

The Gold Credit Card

The great gold card program is unique as gold bullion units are welded into the form of a credit card offering the best validation certificate for your gold purchase. The credit card has a hologram image on the back further ensuring security. You gain real value and a profit against paper currency as there is no inflation. It is a risk free investment and has preserving value. The gold bars are premium quality gold only working with the best gold refineries. All 1g gold bars are certificated, laminated with UV protective film and stamped with a valid trade mark.


Karatbars International prides itself on only the best service. All the employees are trained to make that happen. They strive to reflect a strong and positive image as well as produce a quality product and serve you the client effectively. Dealing with individuals or companies, Kartbars values all their clients and affiliated partners. They have open communication and fast action and operate in a most professional matter with the belief that you that client are the boss.  Karatbars International is also committed to social responsibility and environmental development. Customers are treated with the utmost respect and fairness while receiving quick and competent service.

Investing or buying gold bullions from Karatbars International is an opportunity for the average person to have the same success as the wealthy businessman.  Experts around the globe have backed gold as the best currency to have in today’s age.