Karatbars recruiting

Karatbars recruiting

 Karatbars International launched in 2011 and gives the everyday person the opportunity to create wealth trading in gold. It offers savings and strategies for moving money. It comes with many added benefits. With the company’s affiliates program, investors can make purchases and can also recruit 2 other affiliates which in turn can also recruit 2 affiliates etc and can earn rewards for such.

Membership Ranks

Within Karatbars International there are 12 recruitment ranks. Sign up as an affiliate and become a distributer. Earn 200 points a month and you can then become a supervisor. Earn 500 points and become a bronze supervisor. Earn 1250 points and become a silver supervisor. Earn 2500 points or purchase a package and become a gold supervisor. Earn 4000 and become a bronze manager. Earn 6000 points and become a silver manager. Earn 9000 points and become a gold manager. Have two levels generating 6000 and 4000 points in a month and personally make at least 50 sales and become a bronze director. Have three levels generating 6000, 3000 and 2000 points in a month and personally make at least 100 sales and become a silver director. Have three levels generating 9000, 4000 and 3000 and personally make at least 200 sales and become a gold director. Qualify as a gold director, and have at least one gold director under you and rise to gold director elite status.


There are three packages to be acquired in Karatbars international and each time an affiliate makes a sale to a recruited affiliate they will receive compensation.  The amount depends on the sale, bronzecan 60 on 239, silver can earn 150 on 595 and gold can earn 300 on 1595. Commission is paid out by percentage according to rank. A disturber earns no commission. A supervisor earns 0.5%. A bronze supervisor earns 1%. A silver supervisor earns 1.5%. A gold supervisor earns 2%. A bronze manager earns 2.5%. A silver manager earns 3%. A gold manager earns 3.5%. A bronze director earns 4%. A silver director earns 4.5%. A gold director earns 5% and gold director elite earn 5.5%. There are also binary commissions measured in units and Karatbar incentives cars and trips to luxury villas.

Recruitment training

There are a lot of guidelines and tips found online to make the most out of Karatbars recruiting. There are 12 week program steps to making money becoming an affiliate available however it is not a get rich quick scheme and a little patience will be required. “Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow” (Proverbs 13:11) There are a few strategies to recruiting affiliates. You could link with the Karatgroup Co-op. You can create ads on craigslist and other forms of social media. You could also recruit via a website through network marketing.

Why recruit with Karartbars International

They are not a bank but an independent trading company that allows you to save and grow your money and is often cheaper than banks as there are little or no fees. As you are dealing in tangible gold you are immune to inflation. They only deal in high quality products and you investment will always be secure.