NFL Game Preview

NFL Game Preview

Tampa Bay at Atlanta

Atlanta Bay Buccaneers vs Tampa Bay Falcons starts off the 3 week schedule. The Falcons are the favourites after their recent win against the New Orleans Saints.  The Buccaneers are still looking for their first win of the season. The over/under has been set at 45 points and The Falcons are giving the Buccaneers 6.5 points.  The Buccaneers were without Doug Martin on Sunday due to his knee injuries however he has been practicing with the team, so still could make the game.  The Falcons show good defences and with Ryan on their side they are sure to have a good play.

San Diego at Buffalo 

Playing at Ralph Wilson Stadium, are the San Diego Chargers who have just come off a win against the Seattle Sea Hawks, and the Buffalo Bills with surprising wins over the Miami Dolphins and Chicago Bears. The Chargers game shows only a 2.5 yard per carry doesn’t seem to have the juice. The Buffalo Bills have a strong energy and an explosive offense, averaging at 4.6 yards per carry with the pairing of Fred Jackson and C.J Spiller. The Bills look like the team to beat.

Dallas at St Louis

The Dallas Cowboys have recently dominated and won the game over the Tennessee Titans. Now they are heading into a game against the St Louis Rams who have lost their Starting quarterback as well as their back up. The Rams have a strong offense due to their running game.  Look out for Zac Stacey, with 114 yards in one touchdown in just his second season of play. Jared cook is also another favourite with 102 yards. With the arrival of Jeff Fisher, The St Louis Rams can improve their defence. The Cowboys are predicted to win this game.

Washington at Philadelphia

The Philadelphia Eagles snatched another win over the Indianapolis Colts. They can make it to 3 straight wins if the defeat the Washington Redskins. With Robert Griffin’s possible knee injury it could be an easy win for the Eagles. Cousins played a good game with 22 out of the 33 passes and 250 yards and 2 touch downs making everyone question if he is not a better suited quarterback for the team. With Nick Foles completing 21 of the 37 passes for 331 yards the game between the Eagles and Redskins is going to be close. The Eagles do have a reputation for a lot of penalties however they are the predicted winners.