The entire process of becoming a real estate agent

The entire process of becoming a real estate agent

The specific process of becoming a real estate agent will differ in each state and in each country but there are some general steps one can take to achieving this goal. Know what you want and then put in the effort to make to a success. Becoming a real estate agent can give you a good lifetime career.



·       Know it is a career you want

Before embarking on this career journey make sure that you are dedicated enough to pursue it and put time and energy into it. Do all the relevant research ahead of time to help you decide if it is for you and also to achieve your goal. It isn’t a passing phase or a hobby. It is a career that could gain you financial freedom if you put the work into it and build your way up. Are you looking to start your own business? If you go forward in this career choice, you will be your own boss. You will have to have complete self motivation to get you ahead. You have to market yourself and do your own admin.

·       A good education

Find out the general requirements for becoming a real estate agent in your area. The standard requirements will be the same and that is to be at least 18 years of age and complete required educational hours. Consider getting a college degree, although it is not a pre requisite to becoming and estate agent it can increase your influence and skill set as well as give you the upper edge.  You could take subjects like marketing, accounting or business economics to give you a good background and feel for the real estate field.

·       Getting licensed

Apply to take the state exam. You can find forms online from the real estate commission’s website. Fill out the forms and you will be notified when you can take your exam. A background check will be done and fingerprints taken.  The websites will offer you study material and study tips. Most licenses are only valid in your state or country so check that information before deciding on a move.


Real estate school

·       Sign up for classes

You can major in real estate in some schools which can be the stepping stone of your career. Look for a list of schools in your area that offer real estate courses or subjects related to real estate, look at your options if you can take them at once or in any order. You will be handing in transcripts for your license so work hard and do well. You will need anywhere from 40 -200 hours depending.

·       Passing the exam

Study up, gather all the available information you can and study in preparation for your exam. Speak to those who have done the exam and get some tips. Find out what to focus on and how long the exam will be etc. Once you have passed you will be inactive until you get yourself established so make sure you are ready for the next step; becoming an active real estate agent.


Readiness and preparations

·       Know your market

Depending on the area where you reside and will be working there will be a variety of clientele that you could be dealing with. Are you in a predominantly student populated city, a family populated suburb, a retirement community, or commercial area? Where you are located is the key to a successful career. Are you dealing with renters or buyers? Are they Private buyers or Commercial buyers? There is a buyer’s market and a seller’s market and you will need to know how to manoeuvre through both making it work for both parties.

·       Budgeting

Start saving your money as early as you can. You will require money for your studies and all the extras along the way. Getting started can cost you quite a bit while you build up your clientele. Working for real estate can be tricky being on commission basis. Some months you may feast and others you famine. Make sure you save in the good months to cover the bad ones.

·       Choosing the right real estate office

You will be working on your own but it is vital to choose the right broker. Having a reputable real estate office as an umbrella gives you added prestige in the business. Do your homework about the company and found out if it is one you can trust. Don’t always shoot for the big guns as they take bigger cuts. A small reputable broker will do just fine to set you on your way. Look at what that brokerage specialises in and do some of your own research on their demographics.

·       Market yourself

You will most likely have to build up your own clientele and therefore you will have to market yourself. You will have to make use of some of that money that you have saved and get yourself some business cards. You will need to do advertising through magazines and newspapers and any other possible avenues. Word of mouth is very powerful in this industry so you need to make a good name for yourself by being likable, reliable and trustworthy

Rising to the top

·       Use technology

Make use of all the forms of technology and social media available to you. You can advertise through setting up a page on face book. You can create virtual tours of the homes for purchase. Communicate with clients effectively through all these areas. They must be able to reach you in a way that suits them, whether it is an sms, email, whatsapp or Skype. Keep current in the world of technology.

·       Put in the hours

Your weekends will be taken up with show houses and viewings. Clients can call you at the strangest hours and the most inconvenient times. If you at a wedding or it’s your birthday you will probably get a call from a potential buyer. It is a 24/7 career and you have to be prepared for that going in.

·       Attend Real Estate seminars.

Attend any seminars on real estate and continually educate yourself.  Always be willing to learn. Find a mentor and learn from them. Ask the experienced and successful agents you work with what their secrets are.

·       Personality

Most of your work requires dealing effectively with people so you have to have a great stand out personality. You need to be a likable person and have trustworthy and reliable traits. Be confident in your abilities as confidence shines through. Learn how to smile.