Yankees Season Tickets

Yankees Season Tickets

The 2014 Yankees season tickets are on sale now. With a variety of plans ensuring your same designated seat for all games you attend. It also awards you many other benefits.

Purchase Full season tickets for access to all regular season games at Yankee Stadium and permits you to book the same seat allocation for all home games. You will also be able to take advantage of huge discounts offered through being an automatic member of the New York Yankees Legacy Club.

Or you can purchase the 41-Game plan which consists of Opening day and 41 other regular season games. You can become a member of the New York Yankees Legacy club for 41 and 20 game plan holders. You will be allowed to book the same seat for half of the home games scheduled to play in the post season.

The 20-Game plan option will allow the holder to book the same seat for all 20 games. You will be a member of the New York Yankees Legacy club for 41 and 20 game plan holders. You will also have access to many other benefits.

There are three 16-Game plan options available;

·       The Friday Plan: All 13 Friday regular season games and 3 weekday games

·       The Saturday Plan: All 13 Saturday regular season games and 3 week day games

·       The Sunday Plan: All 13 Sunday regular season games and 3 week day games

The 12 and 9 Game Plan Options, For 12 regular weekday season games and 9 regular weekday games.

Premium ticket holders experience Yankee Stadium first class. There are a number of Suites to choose from such as; The Legends Suite, The Champions Suite, The Delta Sky 360o Suite, Jim Beam Suite, The Luxury Suite, Individual Game Suites and Field MVP outdoor field boxes.

·       The Legend Suite

Access to a few lounge areas on different levels such as the DKNY suite Lounge located on the base level.  There are all inclusive food and beverages. Fine five star dining is available in take away options and non alcoholic beverages are served. (You can purchase alcoholic beverages.) You can sit in comfortable cushioned seats. It has a private entrance and access to private restrooms.  A personal concierge will assist you. An added bonus is reserved parking.

·       The Champion Suite

The Champion suite offers all inclusive food and beverages and comfortable seats and newly added side tables for your added comfort and convenience. You have Access to two lounges, private restrooms, and comfortable cushioned seats. You can also reserve your favourite parking spot.

·       The Delta Sky 360o Suite

Situated directly behind home plate, The Delta Sky 360o Suite offers a fantastic view. All inclusive snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are available. In seat service, comfortable cushioned seats, private entrance, elevator and restrooms are all part of what makes it attractive.

·       Jim Beam Suite

This suite offers a touch of premium class. The Sony terrace offers a pleasant outdoor seating area. It offers in seat service, comfortable cushioned seats, and private restrooms. It includes a personal concierge to assist you

·       The Luxury Suite

The Luxury Suites offer a sophisticated bar area with granite tops and a spacious lounge area with leather couches. Each suite will fit 12-22 guests and includes Wi-Fi and HDTV. You also have the opportunity to brand your company’s logo. You also get preferred parking.

·       Individual Game suites

The Individual Game suites are the perfect place to organise a company event or social outing on an individual game basis. They range in size and can accommodate any from as little as 12 to just over 300. The Suites also include non alcoholic beverages and food.

·       Field MVP outdoor field

These out in the open boxes can entertain 6- 8 people. It includes a concierge and all meals and non alcoholic beverages are all inclusive. Reserved parking is an added benefit as well as access to the new MVP lounge. The new MVP lounge is climate controlled and will be located behind the home plate on the field level. Field MPV club seats are only available in the full season but at lower prices.

In addition Season Ticket holders will have add benefits such as; Preferred and discount parking packages, Yankee consultants to assist you, payment plans that are flexible,  ticket exchange and unused ticket credit options, access to the Homestand newsletter as well as online management when you register through the website. There are added discounts on purchasing the next season tickets, a birthday card programme, gift bag request program and much more.