Discombobulation and a wiry entanglement, is the mushiness in my brain.

Navigating through thoughts and imagination but thought to be insane.

High intelligence and a creative mind keeps me in the clouds.

Normality is distant and yet it always surrounds.

Insecurely arrogant as thoughts and opinions are shared

Fearing the consequence of my soul that I bare.

Supressing an emotion is not something of I am able

It squeezes at my heart, until unleashed, only then do I feel stable.

Society is not equipped for the wildness that is within

Wayward thoughts that gnaw at me and causes me to sin.

Thoughts and emotions not able to be expressed

This is all in all what makes me a beautiful mess!

A mess





Medication is the answer of the world side effects omitted

Prayer is the answer of the church, where lies are littered

Is it broken synapses and chemicals in the brain?

or is it sin, deception and lies of Satan’s gain?

Peace not delusion

Love not seclusion

Is what I seek


  1. Very powerful words! Hope it felt good getting all that out :-) #whatimwriting

    1. it did, i love just pouring out my heart sometimes , not really caring if it makes sense or not

  2. Wow, I bet that was cathartic! As ReneƩ said - powerful words. Thanks for linking to #whatimwriting

  3. It sounds like you needed to get that all down on (virtual) paper! Very powerful indeed x #whatimwriting

  4. Wow. I agree with everyone else, there's some very powerful words there. xx

  5. Love it. It captures how discombobulation feels. x


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