Fairytales? or just pretty girls with mental disorders

The true accounts here….

Sleeping beauty:

She actually was so bored with life and having everything she could ever want so she went into a deep depression and took a bottle of sleeping tablets putting her in a coma. It was 100 days not 100 years and Prince Charming was just the janitor cleaning up when she woke up delirious.

Snow white:

Was a stay at home mom of 7 children. The evil queen was the mother in law. She had Schizophrenia and paranoid delusions, that is why she sang to birds and thought her children were dwarves.


Now Cinderalla was actually a drunk, She drank due to her overwhelming poverty and circumstances. She worked as a maid and her two step sisters were actually daughters of her employer. On the night of the ball she was told she was fired because of her sloppy work so she stole their clothes and went in disguise. At 12 midnight one of the daughters spotted Cinderalla and that is why she ran and left her slipper behind.


Had Agoraphobia and that is why she wouldn't leave the castle. She also had sicosnipophobia which is a fear of scissors which is why she never cut her hair.

Hansel and Gretel:

Grew up in the house of a cannibal serial killer. This led to terrible eating disorders, Gretel had anorexia and Hansel was Obese,he ate so much.

The Princess and the pea:

She just had OCD.


  1. I love this! Made me giggle. #whatimwriting

  2. You are on to something here. I reckon you could explore these themes and get some good (and probably quite disturbing) short stories!
    Thanks for linking up with #whatimwriting

    1. Yes true!!! would be a great idea!do you still have your linky

  3. Ha ha! Love this - very funny and probably quite true! I really like your background!!

    1. Thanks, everything has an origin....:-)


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