‘I don't celebrate valentines day! I love my wife every day of the year!’ were the words she would hear every valentines day and she would reply with ‘Then I want roses and chocolates everyday of the year!’. A romantic at heart she wished for more than chocolates and roses anyway. She wanted a hot air balloon ride or some kind of adventure but had learned to not raise her expectations too high.
He had a point though, the cheesy celebrations and shiny balloons and tiny red and white teddy bears, red and white everything, everywhere .The shops commercialising love as it is something that can be bought. She had become just as cynical as him but she still wanted to feel like a princess being spoiled by her prince. Years gone by, children, commitments , routine, the rut of life gets in the way of love sometimes.We begin to place a value on on it in gifts and trinkets. Those are worth nothing really.We forget what love is really about. It isn't a gift, a tingly feeling or emotion. It is a decision to stand by each other ,be best friends and celebrate life.She would have liked to celebrate valentines day as well but she knew he showed his love in actions, by doing dishes, or washing, or cooking for her. Telling her she was beautiful when she just woke up and was really not. He loved to serve her and that way he treated her not like a princess but like a queen.
Knowing the difference between fake love and real love is simple, its in wedding vows.’In sickness and in health’ means cleaning up each others vomit and standing by the person you love while they are down,it could even be mental health.’ Richer or Poorer’ Will you stand stand by each other under sever financial strain or when there is no money to buy hot air balloon rides. It means you are committed to making the other person feel happy not yourself and they are equally committed to make you happy. Its about finding moments in the storm of life and making memories there.
She had lost her wedding band and didn’t have one for sometime, on valentines when she didn’t expect anything, he surprised her with a new wedding band. It was a simple gesture but it meant the world to her. He then said that must get ready as he had organised for the kids to have sleepovers at friends and they are going out for dinner. They started getting ready and just as they were about to leave they looked at each other in the doorway.They were both thinking the same thing. They loved being at home. That is where they where happy. ‘I prefer your cooking anyway.’ she said and they both kicked of their shoes and stayed in for the night, just the two of them in their hearty home , no strangers, bad food or bad service, just each other. His Queen and her King
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  1. Nice story. I like how you pulled the two photos together. Sounds like a nice quiet evening together, just the two of them, was just what was needed. Sounds like the kind of evening me and my husband would enjoy :-)

  2. How lovely, the big romantic gesture she had always waited for that meant so much more than the tacky commercialisation that happens nowadays and the realisation that they were happy with each other's company. We could all do with realising that a bit more.


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