Our South Africa

Our South Africa

Black is the colour of power
Of the coal mined from our land
Of the people who form our nation
Of night, of rest, of quiet, of time

Yellow is the colour of beauty
Of the fynbos flowers grown wild
Of the people who form our nation
Of work, of loyalty, of friendship and unity

Green is the colour of joy
Of the grass overgrown, abundant under our bare feet
Of the people who form our nation
Of growth, of plenty, of fun and happiness

Red is the colour of love
Of sunsets, of fire and warmth
Of the people who form our nation
Of blood, of awareness, of care, of healing

Blue is the colour of Peace
Of the oceans that surround us
Of the people who form our nation
Of tears, of sadness, of sympathy of mourning

White is the colour of wisdom
Of the diamonds mined from our land
Of the people who form our nation
Of day of clarity of purity and light

By Bronwyn Marcus

I wrote this a couple years ago about the South African flag and I am still unsure what to do with it. I thought is could be a children's picture book but I never get around to doing the illustrations...
Now I am just happy for it to be a poem.... I was starting to get very cynical about our country and brought my poem out to remind me what I once felt about it. Our country is a mess right now but it still has beauty.... 


  1. Lovely poem.
    Great idea for a children's picture book.
    Poetry is my first love (but has since been ousted by flash fiction...)

  2. A picture book is a good idea, and since you are an illustrator, by all means try!! The poem is powerful, and although it speaks to South Africans specifically, it might have international appeal.

  3. I think all countries have their good points and bad points. I'm glad you have this poem to remind you of the good ones!

    Thanks for signing up for the Celebrate the Small Things blog hop. We post every Friday about little accomplishments that week or things we're grateful for. I look forward to reading your "Celebrate" posts on Fridays! :)

  4. Hey huni,

    SO many countries in a mess right now, UK is just about getting ive rthe Brexit. South Sudan is in a state of terror, Many are hiding in bushes with no idea how their lives will pan out.
    France is in moaning right now...So its not just SA. All I say is Focus on whats good in your country...exactly as the above Poem states. COz its beaitiful. I encourage you to illustrate hat book. so many free resources online like Canva, Pexels, etc and self publish via KIndle i can help with some tips! Go Bryn :)


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