Forever Bright Toothgel


Forever Bright Toothgel is an Aloe Vera based product which is a natural alternative to brushing your teeth. It does not contain fluoride which can be harmful, and it contains a key ingredient of propolis. It has a great bright green colour and tastes good, making it great for kids. It contains no animal products so veterinarians will love it.

What is propolis?

It is a brown substance collected resinous substance that a bee produces. It contains more than 300 natural and useful compounds. It can prevent colds, is a natural antibiotic, fights the immune system and discourages infection

All about Aloe

Aloe Vera is a miracle ingredient in itself. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. High in essential fatty and amino acids. It has healing properties. It reduces inflammation and fights bacterial, viral and fungal infections making it the perfect product to use for your teeth and gums.

If Aloe Vera were to be discovered today, and its remarkable healing properties investigated, it would be hailed as the ‘wonder drug’ of the century” -Dr Ivan Danhof Ph.D, M.D

Uses and Benefits

Forever Bright Toothgel has many uses including stops bleeding gums. You can apply it on mouth ulcers for healing. It relieves toothache when you have cavities by applying on affected area. You can even gargle with a little bit mixed with warm water to soothe a sore throat. It combats plaque and whitens teeth. Ideal for people with sensitive teeth as can be applied without brushing. It also helps those who have bad breath. The cause of bad breath is unwanted bacteria and the propolis and aloe vera fight that bacteria, taking away any odor.

Once you have used Forever Bright Toothgel, you wont go back to using other brands as this is set apart from the rest! It has so many uses and benefits. You also only need a pea size amount so it lasts you longer than your average toothgel .